Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Scams Inc has been investigating the despicable conduct of partners in Courthouse crimes---Max Folkenflik Esq and David R Fisher Esq.

These two persons and their dishonest law offices, we have uncovered, make a career out of luring unsophisticated supposed plaintiff-clients in to their immoral back-rooms with false hopes and dreams of a 'score', by convincing these victims to engage in deceit, fraud, perjury and misrepresentation. This ia after these grafters convince their suckers to turn over to Max Folkenflik and David Fisher Esqs, over 40% of the 'take' of the scam.

When signed up these thieves 'go-at-it, filing bogus Complaints in behalf of the sucker Client, implement extortion, threats, collusion, lies, concocted charges and worse in a scam to extort 'fat-cat defendants into paying the max and davie blackmail.

Scams Inc has uncovered many Cases that these con-men have used these shake-down tactics resulting in pay-offs soly to loose these wicked corrupt scam-artists.

David Fisher lured drug abusing Alex Couri into his 'den of thieves' with promises of millions of dollars that he and Folkenflik can steal from Ace Insurers and McLaughlin Stern Esqs, Paul Robbins and Jim Couri.

These thieves Fisher and Max have used Jim as a scapegoat while feeding Alex with promises of a big score and at the same time Fisher and Folkenflik are preparing Alex to commit perjury.

Scams Inc has proof that Alex Couri and her 'friend' Rachel Ball are and have been sleeping at David Fisher's house with Fisher's Lover Mathiew Sullivan.

Why would a legitimate Client be sleeping at the home of her Lawyer?

Fisher and Folkenflik are and have been compromising Alex Couri, a weak, sick, mentally imbalanced drug abuser----Scams Inc has proof by witnesses that Fisher and Sullivan use drugs,
and drug-paraphenila was observed in Fisher-Sullivan's bedroom.

The entire charade of Folkenflik-Fisher scam Case---12-CV-2220 in SDNY Federal Court is a shake-down and a fraud using a sick drug abuser to allow Fisher and Folkenflik a chance at extorting a 'fat-cat' sucker by fraud, perjury and blackmail using Alex Couri as a front for the Fisher-Folkenflik Blackmail scheme---stay tuned for much more on this corruption rouse-----