Thursday, September 6, 2012


Max Folkenflik Esq is a shady, con-man. He and his law office Folkenfilk and McGerity, Esqs are disreputable,dishonest and employ, in Courthouse environments, deceit, misrepresentation and perjury in order to rob and shake-down defendants to obtain lucrative settlements for themselves and usually unsophisticated Clients. Immoral Max had the temerity to appear at a Hearing before a Federal Judge in the Southern District Courthouse in NYC on August 16, 2012. The Hearing was called because Max was accused of fraud, perjury, extortion, filing a perjured Complaint and shrouding his representation of a drug abusing client,

Max appeared at this Hearing and for about 30 minutes in systematic fashion repeatedly lied to this Judge, implementing falsified and incomplete documents, concocting and uttering sham fabrications and using the cleaver scam of attacking the father of his drug abusing client in order to shroud Max Folkenflik's extortion scam, fraud, perjury and perjured Complaint.

Scams Inc has the 18 page Transcript of this Hearing and has confirmed that Mr Folkenflik in his desperation to blackmail and extort the Defendants and the Father of hie mentally deranged Client, concocted a series of desperate lies in order to character-assinate the Defendants and the Father of his drug-abusing Client.

Max Folkenflik esq further tried to cheat and con the Court by covering up his own extortive and threatening activities and Internet scams in concert with his recruited pimp Kenneth V Gomez by blaming the Father of Max's Victim client for defending his good name and reputation caused by Folkenflik's perjury in the bogus Complaint.

Folkenflik has employed illegal acts, threats of false charges, perjury, collusion, misrepresentation, extortion, blackmail, deception, spoliation, tampering with evidence and collusion with a documented deug abusing Califoenia Lawyer David R Fisher Esq and Fisher and Wolfe Esqs who are aiding in manipulating the sick-drug-abusing and mentally imballanced Folkenflik's Client.

Contrary to Max's lies before the Federal Judge, Fisher's home houses "Drug-Paraphenilia" and has been the site for many "drug-Parties" where the Client has been involved. Scams Inc has interviewed wittnesses who have seen Drugs at David R Fisher's house. Max has lied to the Federal Court in the 18 page Transcript over most every page where Max addressed the Court.

Scams Inc will soon publish this Transcript so that all can see just what a corrupt lying, desperate extortionist Lawyer, Max Folkenflik will do in order to obtain unjust rewards by perjury, blackmail and fraud on a Court