Sunday, July 8, 2012


Russo and Burke Lawyers have instigated aBlog in a front and charade to cover-up and whitewash their documented activities of lawlessness, threats, suborning of perjury, bribery, collusion, perjury and tampering.

Scams Inc has been investigating Russo and Burke Esqs, Joseph M Burke, Kenneth V Gomez and the few others that are part of the Russo-Burke dishonest immoral supposed law office.

Joseph M Burke has misused the Courthouse in a scheme to bribe and perjurer himself and his Client Dr John Siebert. Siebert is a thief who robbed and raped and molested many. Siebert stole more than $20Million from Jim Couri: Siebert raped and molested and robbed Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karass, Linda M, Barbara Paloucci, MS Rachel, Richard Jacobs, Ben Ossman, Ms Christopher Zimmerman and many others.

Siebert with the aid of Russo-Burke robbed and extorted these and many more victims by virtue of the bribing, fixes, cheating and corruption of Joseph M Burke Esq and Russo-Burke.

Burke and Kenneth V Gomez and partner Russo formed a alliance with mafia front George Pavia Esq and in concert looted Medicare liened funds--Medicaid moneys taken by Siebert, and bribery and tampering Referees and Judges in the Unified Courts.

Burke lied and cheated Judge Harold Beeler covering up Siebert's Sex Crimes and Siebert's later convictions at NYU-Hospital and Discharge.

Burke engaged in ex-parte frauds with Referee Jack Suter. Burke conned and cheated Referee Louis Crespo; engages in surpression of evidence at the App Div by fraud; Burke and Russo and Burke and Gomez engaged in tampering with and ex-parte communications with Judge Paul Wooten and they have bee caught engaging in collusion with Judge Joan Madden in their scheme to loot and plunder Jim Couri's Claims and Rights against Siebert and Pavia.

Russo and Burke are a corrupt, dishonest group of lawyers, swindlers, shake-down culprits and extortonists.

These scalliwags ans sociopaths will lie, cheat, deceive and shake-down their opponent.

They will harass, file false documents, forged records and violate all ethics to loot and plunder.

Russo uses pimp-shake-down bum Kenneth V Gomez Esq to file false Blogs as a scheme to disenfranchise the truth. Russo-Burke will and have covered up Siebert's sex-crimes, rapes, narcotics abuses, Healthcare Insurance frauds and thefts and Sieberts Thefts of Millions from victims Richard Jacobs, Jim Couri, Ms C Zimmerman, Ben Ossman and the Federal and State Tax Man.

Russo and Burke are a unholy alliance of thieves, corrupt lawyers 'selling' bribery, tampering, cheating, perjury, looting and extortion.

Do not be deceived by Joseph M Burke's appearance as a look-a-like as 'sneezy' of the Seven Dwarfs,
Joe Burke is a blackmailer, a psychopath, a immoral sycophant who will tear the eyes out of his mother and say she was born blind.

 The Russo and Burke Blog is a set-up and a con to lure legitimate clients into their Den of Corruption and Fraud-------much more to come---stay tuned---