Friday, October 26, 2012


Kenneth V Gomez Esq is a now well documented thief, perjurer, extortonist and slime ball.
Gomez has been given his mission to harass and extort Mr Jim Couri in retalliation for Couri's uncovering the corruption, perjury fraud thefts sex acts and insurance thefts engaged in by Russo and Burke Esqs, George Pavia, Dr John Siebert, and Joseph M Burke.

Gomez has been caught stalking and sexually abusing a number of Dr Siebert's victim patients who have come forward and reported Siebert and Gomez for sexual predatory acts. Gomez is a dangerous
person, a psycopath and a immoral person. Gomez is a blackmailer who concocts and says anything in order to cover-up his and Siebert, Burke's crimes and thefts.
Sa we speak, Siebert, Burke and Gomez are trying to steal a Siebert's patient Escrow funds that were satisfied by Medicaid. Siebert and Gomez and Burke are so desperate that they have filed yet more perjured papers in the NY Courts in order that they con the Judge for their corrupt benefits.

Now Gomez is at it again recyceling and filing false concocted extortive garbage on the internet in a scheme to blackmail Jim Couri, which for over 8 years has only further exposed these sociopaths as the demented corrupt crew that they are.

Gomez has been proved to  be a money-launderer, a psychological lunatic, and a demented individual with a obsession and vendetta to harass and malign Jim Couri.

Dr Siebert was exposed by Scams Inc and Jim Couri as a pedophile, a pervert, sex pervert, narcotics abuser and a incompetent doctor. More than a dozen of Siebert Patient victims have reported Siebert for his thefts, sex molestings and physical abuses. Some have included Gomez as a sex pervert and have submitted photos of Siebert and Gomez nude and engaging in lewed acts.

Siebert victims---Kleiman, Linda m, MS Rachel, M Karass, B Palucci and more have caused the intervention of Law Enforcement and the NY State Dept of Health.

Siebert has been fired from NYU-Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital for cause and after internal trials.

Siebert has been evicted from 5 NYC Medical offices as a "squatter and a pervert". Including 875 Park Avenue.

Siebert is a desperate doctor with a documented fixation for demented perverted acts who has beed obsessed for sexually abusing Ms Kleiman, Ms Rachel and many others. Their Affidavits can be found in the Scamraiders Archives.

Burke and Gomez in their desperation to continue their vendetta with the active involvment with thief George Pavia and disgraced Dr John Siebert can not control their spite, and lunacy.

For over 8 years these corrupt crew have been abusing Courts, Siebert Patients, Jim Couri and many others in their schemes but their results have been more than pathetic. They have caused the exposure of Siebert as a sex predator, a perjurer, a narcotics abuses, a insurance thief and a incompetent doctor.

Siebert has been expunged by Castle Connolly as a competent doctor and has been virtually kicked out of New York.

Now Gomez has begun his demented obsession, neurosis and vendetta, but Scams inc have expected it ---as a rat is a rat-------

We do know that Siebert is desperate financially, and we are advised about ready to have his Medical License terminated. We are told that some of Siebert Sex Victims and Victims that Siebert stole money from are chasing him.

We have learned that the only way to deal with trash is to deliver it to the garbageman---

Stay tuned for more on the "demise" of these now exposed scumbags who have nothing better to do but engage in deceit, fraud and blackmail