Saturday, October 27, 2012


Kenneth V Gomez Esq is a desperate and dangerous person. He has been caught by female victims of sex butcher Dr John Siebert stalking, threatening, harassing and abuse by telephone and internet.

Gomez works for the corrupt law office of Russo and Burke at 600 Third Avenue NYC, on the 15th floor. Gomez was a broke pimp lawyer and was taken in by Joe Burke to do the dirty work of blackmailing harassment, threatening,stalking the adversariarys of the clients of Russo and Burke and who spearheads the intimidation internet extortion threats and worse.

Gomez has been caught in sexually abusing a Siebert victim Ms Rachel who has submitted statements that Gomez is a 'ass-hole' 'crook' a 'sex pervert' and worse.

Gomez has been found stalking many of Siebert victims, harassing them and abusing them.

Gomez is a demented person obsessed by phobias and psychological disorders.

Gomez has been engaged in nothing else than extorting Jim Couri, Linda M, Ms Rachel and many more for the cover up of Siebert, Burke anf Mafia front George Pavia.

Gomez has been recruted to engage in illegal acts, blackmail and extortion because Kenneth V Gomez is a paracite, a psycopath and a man with nothing to loose.

This pimp Gomez has no family, no home and works his extortion out of a closet office at Russo and Burke.

Gomez is on the 'radar' of law enforcement for engaging in interstate blackmail, extortion, harassment, internet extortion, stalking, lewed acts and shake-downs of Dr Siebert victims, intimidating them not to testify against sex predator Siebert.

Gomez is  a sociopath with a plethoria of evidence baggage of his years of internet, phone, fax and personal acts of blackmail, perjury, money-laundering, Medicare fraud and threats.
Stay Tuned